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The Pantry Box will see you stocked up on dry goods from organic popcorn, soup mixes and pasta to local flours and organic oatmeal and muesli. You could find fresh coffee beans and teas, with local farmers providing canning and preserves to stock your shelves each month. $100

The Pantry Box:
Organic Market Soup Mix
Organic Navy Beans
Organic Quinoa Penne Pasta
Organic Almond Flour
Organic Jasmine White Rice
Organic California Raisins
Organic Popcorn
Organic Muesli
Organic Beef Stock
Organic Walnuts
Hell’s Half Acre Medium Roast
Cold Be Gone Tea
Canadian Acres Saskatoon Berry Jam
Running Acres Farm Creamed Wildflower Honey
Fireweed Market Raw Cashew Butter

*This is a monthly box service.
*Your credit card information will be held on file for future use, up to the time you cancel your subscription. Your information will not be shared with any agency, program or individual outside of fireweed and will only be recalled for the use of this program. Contact us with your questions.


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