Spot & Stain Remover & Odour Buster


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100% Carcinogen-Free

Effective against organic stains on carpet, upholstery and garments.

Formulated from natural plant extracts with powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Nano-sized particles, lifts oil and grease to the surface for quick removal. Efficiently cleans adhesive, animal accidents, blood, coffee, crayon, greasy stains, gum, ink, lipstick, urine, wine or any other organic mess. Use as pre-wash prior to laundering.


Spray soiled area. Allow. 3-4 minutes for adequate penetration. Rub treated area with a clean cloth and blot residue. Allow to dry thoroughly before brushing or vacuuming. Test on small area first to determine colour fastness. Not recommended for use on wool carpets and rugs. No gloves or mask required.


Non-chlorinated water, extracts of coconut, sugar cane, chrysanthemum, geranium, tree sap, sapodilla and lemongrass.

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