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Water kefir grains offer an abundance of different ways to incorpoate live probitoics into your life. Not only can you make a low sugar soda, but the grains can be used to ferment coconut water and all nut milks. Water kefir grains can also be used to make: sour dough starter, coconut yogurt, salad dressing, gummies, popsicles, smoothies and much more!

Ultimately the live and dehydrated grains are the same and one is not better than the other. Both options follow the exact same process and instructions. Dehydrated grains do not take any longer to ferment than the live grain alternative.

Please note that we suggest you put the live grains into the fridge once you receive them and you should begin brewing within one week of acquiring. If you are weary of shipping times and temperatures or are unable to begin fermenting right away the dehydrated grains are a great option as they are shelf stable.

Both the live and dehydrated grains yield 1/4 cup once hydrated.

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