What is Fireweed?

The Fireweed Market is an environmentally conscious refillery and product merchant located in Fort St John, B.C.

We’re here to help our customers make easy & cost effective environmentally sound choices on a daily basis.
Our goals include:
– Supporting zero waste lifestyle choices
– Supporting minimalism as a lifestyle choice and teaching sustainable practices
– Providing tools to ensure that customers and community members are successful
-Providing a suite of educational workshops to build knowledge and capacity within our community
-Being accessible to all members of our community including families, low and middle-income earners, youth, seniors, and members of our vulnerable population
-Being local, member owned, governed, and managed
-Being strategy focused
-Upholding and being congruent with NEAT’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Fireweed supports the Northern Environmental Action Teams in it’s operations and overarching goals.

Fireweed Market focuses on sustainable practices and local product and its commitment to building capacity in its customers and suppliers.
Setting ourselves apart by offering locally grown, picked or slaughtered products and bundling these products with our environmental knowledge based education.

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Who is NEAT?

NEAT is a non-profit group dedicated to helping residents, schools, and businesses of Northern British Columbia live healthier, greener lives. NEAT primarily provides environmental education, but also assists organizations and institutions to develop strategic plans for reducing waste and conserving resources.